A venomoid is a venomous snake that has undergone a surgical procedure to remove or inhibit the production of venom. This procedure has been used for venomous snakes, kept for pets or used in public demonstrations, to remove the risk of injury or death when handled. Removal of fangs is uncommon, as snakes frequently regenerate teeth, and the more invasive procedure of removing the underlying maxillary bone would be fatal. Most venomoid procedures consist of either removing the venom gland itself, or severing the duct between the gland and the fang. However, the duct and gland have been known to regenerate, and supposedly "safe" snakes have killed mice and successfully envenomated humans.

Advocates of venomoid procedure state that it is done for safety reasons and have published methods for this surgery, however, this procedure is highly controversial amongst herpetologists, and is considered animal cruelty by many experts on venomous snakes, particularly in reference to this procedure being performed by unlicensed hobbyists with inadequate analgesia. Legal questions have been raised about amateur venomoid surgeries.

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