Anoles (American Chameleons)

With nearly 400 species, Anolis is a genus of lizards belonging to the family Polychrotidae with many species commonly kept as pets. Anoles are curious creatures. A healthy lizard usually has a good awareness of its surroundings. The males are very territorial and will fight other males to defend its territory.

In many Anolis species that have the ability to change color, turning brown indicates distress. Stress in an anole can be identified by several symptoms. These symptoms include a constant shade of brown and a persistent black semicircle behind their eyes and chronic lethargy.

Picking up an anole by its tail may cause the lizard's tail to come off. When feeling threatened, they discard their tails in order to break free. The anole will not be in pain. These lizards will grow back their tails and repeat the tail dropping escape as many times as possible.

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