Leaf-Tailed & Other Uroplatus

Uroplatus is a genus of nocturnal and arboreal geckos commonly referred to as Flat or Leaf-tailed Geckos found in primary and secondary forests on the island of Madagascar, and surrounding islands. The larger leaf-tailed geckos spend most of the daylight hours hanging vertically on tree trunks, head down, resting, while the smaller leaf tailed geckos spend more time in ficus bushes imitating twigs and leaves. During the night, they will venture from their daylight resting spots, and go off in search of prey.

Ranging in size from about 4 inches to 12 inches, they all have coloration developed as camouflage, most being grayish brown to black or greenish brown with various markings meant to resemble tree bark. All forms blend in well with tree bark upon which they rest during the day. During their breeding season, female Uroplatus lay from 2-4 eggs depending on species and conditions.

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