Fat-Tailed Geckos

Hemitheconyx caudicinctus, commonly known as the African Fat-tailed Gecko, is a nocturnal, ground-dwelling gecko. Found in West Africa, from Senegal to Cameroon their natural habitat is dry and arid, although they spend most of their time in a dark, humid hiding places.

Fat-tailed geckos will grow to 6 - 10 inches and will live 15 to 18 years in captivity. The normal colouring is brown and tan stripes, with a possible thin white stripe along the length of the back. The under belly is pale pink or off-white.

Fat-tailed geckos will regrow their tail if it is lost, but the new tail will look more similar to the head (fat and stubby), and may not match the coloration patterns of the body of the gecko. The tail is also where they store their fat, an important energy reserve. With its tail, a Fat-tailed gecko can go days on end without food.

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