Day Geckos

In contrast to most other gecko species, day geckos are active mainly during the day. Many species have bright green, red and blue colors which make them popular terrarium or vivarium pets. These brilliant colours play a role in intraspecies recognition and also serve as camouflage. The length of the different Phelsuma species varies between about 2.5-12 inches. Males have well developed femoral pores on the undersurface of the rear limbs. These pores are less developed or absent in females. Smaller species may live up to ten years whereas the larger species have been reported to live more than 20 years in captivity.

Most Day geckos inhabit the islands of the south-west part of the Indian Ocean. Most day geckos are arboreal and they inhabit, amongst others, coconut palms and banana trees, but can also be found near human settlements, in gardens, on fences, houses and huts. Day geckos feed on various kinds of insects and other invertebrates in the wild but also eat nectar, pollen and occasionally soft, ripe and sweet fruits such as bananas.

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