Gray-Banded Kingsnakes

Gray-Banded Kingsnakes are a secretive, though relatively common, colubrid snake found in the deserts of West Texas, New Mexico, and Northern Mexico. Popular with hobbyists, Gray Banded Kingsnakes are often sold based on their locaility as well as their color morphology. A nocturnal desert species, Gray-Banded kingsnakes have larger eyes than many kingsnakes, and are usually collected by hobbyists at night with flashlights.

Two natural color morphs are recognised, the "alterna" phase which have a series of alternating black and white bands on a gray background, or the "blairs" phase which have a series of orange or red saddles borderd in black and white, on a gray background. Many variations of the two morphs exist and it's not uncommon to find alterna morphs with orange or red in their bands, and blairs morphs with black saddles and little or no red.

Wild caught and hatchling Graybands can be picky or difficult feeders as their primary prey is lizards, but they can be trained to accept feeder rodents.

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