How to Sell on FloraFauna

Step 1: Upgrade from an existing FloraFauna user account.

If you don’t have a FloraFauna user account, go to Step 2.

If you already have a FloraFauna user account, upgrade your account to a vendor account:



Step 2: Apply for a FloraFauna vendor account with your PayPal address.

All payments, whether they are done via credit card, or PayPal are processed with PayPal. You must have a PayPal account in order to get paid on FloraFauna.

Apply here:


Await verification.


Step 3: Setup your FloraFauna vendor account.

Login as a vendor and edit your vendor information under the "vendor" tab.


Step 4: Add products to your FloraFauna store.

When logged in as a vendor, visit the "Products" tab and click "Products."

  • Enter a title for your product.
  • Enter a price.
  • Organize your product's categories.
  • Enter a description for your product.
  • *Set your product's status to "Hiddden" if you’re working on a new product that may not yet be ready to be sold.
  • Upload your product's image(s).
  • Enter your product's shipping information in the shipping tab.
  • "Save and close."

Repeat Step 4 for any number of additional products. You may have unlimited products in your store. There is no limit.


Step 5: Sign up for a Payment Processor.

Get an account with PayPal or Google Checkout if you want to start selling as soon as possible. You can also set up a merchant account along with one of the payment gateways that we support. If you want to accept manual payments like money orders or bank transfers, you can do that too!


Step 6: Set up a shipping system.

If you’ve got a small operation or just like to keep it done in-house, you can handle all the shipping yourself.

If you don’t want the hassle of packaging and shipping each order to your customers, you can sign up with a fulfillment service like Shipwire (store and ship) or ShipYourReptiles (pickup and ship).


Step 7: Give your store front the final polish, open up shop, and start selling!

Open your doors to the public by changing your product's status to "Public" instead of "Hidden."

Check out our handy marketing tips for tips on how to generate more traffic to your shop.


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