Hello, I'm Erik Spisak. I've been raising and breeding reptiles for more than 15 years.  My passion started in the mid 90's with breeding true chameleons, and later expanded in all types of reptiles.  It wasn't until i realized there was a market for keeping and breeding snakes, all thanks to the creation of the internet, that i began to focus them exclusively. I've bred all different species of non-venomous snakes, from 14 foot retics to albino checkered garters. Over the years i realized it was easier to clean a 16 x 20 tub than to clean a 6 foot cage,  so i got rid of all my large retics, downsized to ball pythons and colubrids, with a few boas (always loved boas).  At some point i sat back, looked at what it was costing me to feed 300 ball pythons, and decided colubrids were the way to go. I had been breeding western hognose for over 10 years, and decided to put all my attention on them. Now i produce some of the nicest western hogs, with an assortment of color morphs. The pink pastel albinos have to be one of the prettiest natural occurring non hybrid color morph around. In the years to come i hope to have double and triple recessive color morphs available, in color and pattern thought unimaginable. Enjoy





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