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FloraFauna is the storefront for Michael Li's personal collection of rare flora and fauna. Specimens include prime examples of rare chelonians, succulents, and carnivorous plants.

Specialties include:

- Some of the rarest Nepenthes tropical pitcher plants found anywhere in the world: seed grown macrophylla, villosa, truncata "black", and many more

- Exemplary specimen plants of Fockea Edulis, Pyrenacantha Malvifolia, and Jatropha Berlandieri

- Exemplary specimens of multi-headed, non-grafted Aztekium Hintonii 14 cm in diameter

- Arguably, the world's best-known examples of Geochelone Platynota (Burmese Star Tortoise)

And much, much more. Come take a peek. If you have any questions at all, I can be reached at michael@florafauna.com.

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