Reptile Tubs & Sweaterboxes

Large freestanding tub systems are often used as housing systems for both aquatic and land turtles, tortoises, amphibians and lizards, by hobbyists, zoos and commercial breeders. It is only in the last decade that manufacturers have made these tubs specific to the reptile hobby, and now many are offered with ramps, wet and dry areas, or basking locations. Usually made of thick, tough plastic these tubs are easy to clean and maintain, virtually indestructable and will last many years.

Reptile breeders and hobbyists have long re-purposed the plastic boxes available at many retail stores and known as blanketboxes, sweaterboxes or shoeboxes depending on size and shape, into containers for rack systems or as free standing cage units. Usually of thinner plastic, and more brittle and fragile than the purpose built tubs, or bus tubs used by the restaurant industry, these type of boxes are more easily damaged, have a shorter lifespan, and must be replaced more often. Many hobbyists and breeders will maintain 2 sets of boxes so as to always have a clean set on hand. These boxes are often used as incubation containers for larger egg masses.

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