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Ultrasonic Fogger

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This ultrasonic fogger utilizes electrical oscillation frequencies, via its ceramic disc's high frequencies resonance to create natural white fog on the surface of water, which greatly adds humidity to dry air.  I use this in my "hospital" section of the greenhouse, as it has done miracles reviving orchids with no roots!

Please note that this product produces fog and a tiny spout of water, so it must be placed in a container large enough to control the splashing, and on a surface that won't be damaged by the accumulation of moisture (including flooring, furniture.. etc). 

The fogger must be placed approximately 2" below the surface of the water for optimal fogging.  If the water level drops below the sensor on the fogger head, it will stop fogging automatically.  Unplug at that point, or add more water.

I like to put mine in one of those under the bed shallow sweater organizers, made of clear acrylic, with the buoy.. the container holds lots of water, so I don't worry about it running dry, and the buoy keeps it at the right depth.

If you're going to use this in an indoor growing area, place it between a small fan and your plants, so that the fan will push the fog onto your plants!

Safety precautions:

1. Use only the transformer and accessories that come with, or are designed specifically for this fogger.

2. Always disconnect the power supply before moving, touching or doing maintenance on any part of the fogger.

3. Do not touch any submerged part of the fogger while it is in use.

4. Do not allow the power supply, or any part of the electrical cord other than what is normally submerged, to get wet or gather moisture.

5. Do not place any container or cup over the fogger, which completely covers it.  Water must be able to circulate freely around the fogger head.

6. For optimal use, do not run the fogger for more than 8 hours a day. Connecting the unit to a timer will insure that the fogger is used only when needed.  I recommend periodic misting for orchids, no longer than an hour per interval.

7. Use only clean water.  If water starts to get icky, replace it as often as needed.  <B><font color=red>Do NOT put Physan-20 or any other disinfectant in the fog water.. disinfectants in fog form may cause respiratory issues! </b></font color>

8. Do not use household abrasive cleaners on any part of the unit. You may clean it with soft cloth in clean water.

9.  After a period of time, the ceramic disk may accumulate salts from the water supply, or simply get dirty.  The disc may be gently cleaned with a Q-Tip, or can be replaced with our replacement disk kit.

Input: 110V/24V AC; Misting disk size: 20mm
CE. UL. CUL. GS. CSA. listed. Fogger head size 1.5" diameter x 1.75" height

Accessories for this product:   Buoy (part #FOGB) and Replacement Disk(part #FOGD)




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