Waxy Monkey Tree Frog Care Sheet

Common Name: Waxy Monkey Tree Frog, Painted-bellied Leaf Frogs, Chacoan Tree Frog

Latin Name: Phyllomedusa sauvagi

Native to: Northeast Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia and the Torres Straits

Size: Females reach up to 3.5", males tend to be smaller

Life span: About 10 years

General appearance: Green with shinny wax like skin.

Housing requirements: 

Enclosure: Aquarium of 20 gallons or larger or similar enclosure. Enclosure top should be screen to allow for plenty of ventilation. A small water bowl and some branches to climb on are about all that is needed.

Temperature: The waxy monkey frog requires high temperatures. Temperature for these frogs should be in the mid 90 range during the day and mid 80 range at night. .

Heat/Light: A basking area with a temp of 95 F or higher is required and using a full spectrum UVB bulb is recommended by some.

Substrate: News paper or paper towels works best for this species. Potting soil, peat moss can be used but care must be taken to avoid damp conditions. Avoid using small bark and gravel due to danger of ingestion.

Environment: The waxy monkey frog is a low humidity high temperature frog found in almost dessert conditions for much of the year.

Diet: Insectivores - crickets, cockroaches, locusts, moths and beetles are all eaten. Dust crickets with calcium and vitamins three times a week.

Maintenance: Clean the enclosure weekly. Remove dead insects and clean water bowl several times a week or as needed, but no less than weekly. You may wash with a mild bleach solution (5%) or liquid soap and thoroughly rinse. Regular hanging should be avoided. Hands most be washed and rinsed prior to touching the frog and should remain wet.




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