Rare 14" Fockea Edulis Caudiciform SucculentRare 14" Fockea Edulis Caudiciform Succulent
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  • Rare 14" Fockea Edulis Caudiciform Succulent

Rare 14" Fockea Edulis Caudiciform Succulent

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Specimen Description:

The plant being offerred is an extremely large, full-grown imported specimen that is over 100 years old. The caudex measures at 14" in diameter, and is an extremely robust and mature plant. The caudex is perfectly smooth, with no twisting stems-- of the rare "bowling ball" physiology. Plants like this don't come around often.

Cultural Practices:
In the wild, the caudex (the swollen part of the stem) is partially or totally buried. It tends to grow faster when buried. This plant produces large length of vines, and support has to be provided. The leaves can be deciduous in winter if kept cold and dry. The plant will take regular water and fertilizer in summer. The fockeas attract whiteflies, and some kind of control might be needed.

Blooming Habits:
The Fockea edulis has green, sweet smelling 0.25-0.5 inches wide (0.6-1.5 cm) flowers in late summer. The flowers are pollinated by fruit flies and are followed by grey pods.

Fockeas are dioecious, so a male plant and a female plant are needed to produce seeds.

Michael's Personal Guarantee:

Every plant that I sell is guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy to you, even if FedEx or the weather screws it up. If you buy a plant from me, you will get a quality specimen regardless of shipping error. Additionally, I guarantee my plants to be problem free. Every plant I sell is completely perfect in every way unless stated otherwise. I will not allow you to buy an imperfect specimen, or buy something I don't have in stock ready to ship immediately. Thank you for looking.

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