Protecting Yourself as a Vendor: Basic Shipping and Packaging Checklist

Protect Yourself as a Merchant

ð     Document and copy all relevant documents

ð     Keep a record with relevant information

ð     Label each container individually

ð     Check the law of your state and the state you are shipping to

ð     Get a tracking number and a signature delivery confirmation

Packaging an Animal

ð     New box with minimum of 275# bursting strength or a 44 edge crush test (wax coated or plastic if moisture present) and new Styrofoam animal or reptile container

ð     Pack animal in individual container and label

ð     Seal edges of individual containers

ð     Place newspaper or packing peanuts in bottom of Styrofoam box

ð     Place containers with animals in Styrofoam box and secure with padding

ð     Attach healing or cooling pad to inside of Styrofoam lid

ð     Seal Styrofoam lid  and place Styrofoam box inside larger box

ð      Pad box with packing peanuts or newspaper, and seal box well

Packaging a Plant

ð     Water plant 4 – 6 hours before digging up plant

ð     Dig up plant at least 5 inches from main stem

ð     Brush away excess soil from roots and rinse gently

ð     Clean leaves and foliage if appropriate

ð     Check to make sure no insects or parasites living on plant

ð     Soak a few sheets of newspaper in water and roll paper around plant roots

ð     Fold up bottom of paper tube

ð     Secure newspaper with plastic wrap but do not bind tightly

ð     Line a smaller box with a plastic liner or bag, place the plant gently inside and label

ð     Slip another plastic bag over the top of the box

ð     Slip another bag over the previous bag to cover up opening


ð     Check to ensure your shipping service will ship your plant or animal

ð     Ship plant or animal as soon as possible after packaging

ð     Inform shipping company of what you are shipping

ð     Get a tracking number and request a signature delivery confirmation

ð     Contact your purchaser and give them relevant information including tracking number and estimated delivery time


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